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About Us

MPR Builders and Engineering Constructions is a one of the leading company in south India. Trust, honesty and keeping your best interest in mind are job first priority of team. We are a professionally managed group specializing in the construction field. We are preceding our legacy of conveying trust on the line of basic living and high considering.

MPR Builders and Engineering Constructions was handling much kind of projects, like hospital buildings, apartments , colleges, villas and commercial building project also. We set high standards for everything we do and we have a reputation for providing lasting value for our customers. We give quality residential apartments that offer best value for cash. We offer you choice of excellent properties right from apartments and villas in stand-alone projects. The developing construction with firm duty towards quality and to give benefit inside limited budget, esteem for case, our client service is the best in the business.

Actually we treat every work as our First Project, and we want to make as well as solve New Risks, by Innovative, Creative, Impressive manner in every works of us.

We habited to be not satisfied in the work done by us yesterday. But want to make a better one today. Well we are not creating the roof & walls; we are creating habitable and meaningful space transforment by human aspirations, within to be lived in. We always habited to Design/Make a thing by considering its next larger content, such a way, a chair in a Room, a Room in a House, A house in a Boundary, A boundary in an environment.

Our Design and Construction Teams motivated towards creation of new things, such a way learning for new thoughts, not to work in conventional manner, playing with new dimensions, Shapes. We are having profession as our hobby and Passion.

We have expertise in design, manufacture supply, installation, testing and commissioning of electrical installations in alltype of buildings ranging from factory buildings, IT industrial Parks, Multi-Speciality Hospitals and Educational Institutions.

We have dedicated team of Engineers, Supervisors and experienced Technicians for carry out all type of electrical works in compliance with IE roles and regulations. We maintain excellent rapport with statutory authorities of TNEB, CEIG and other state electrical boards for successful completion of our projects.


MPR Builder and Engineering Constructions will continue to construct high quality projects with even greater levels of ocommunication and planning. Our team work, Planning, and Sub contractors will shine through as the key to our success.

Our outlook for the future continues to be optimistic. MPR Builders and Engineering Constructions envisions taking construction standards to an international level and thereby containing any massive construction assignment to perfection footed on the fundamentals of true professionalism and transparent management. We believe in the best construction solutions.
Strong technical expertise
Superior quality of service
Full customer satisfaction


MPR Builders and Engineering Constructions a leading renovation builder in India. Who always strive to build the highest quality homes with the best available materials. Our staff and subcontractors are valuable assets to our business, and we especially realize their network is essential in the delivery of the overall project.

Our main focus is on continuous improvement in the quality of work and stafff, with special focus on safety, internaitonal standards with an organized and systematic way of functioning and timely completion of the work as per the standards.

Our Values

Our corporate goverance helps ensure our continued success b encouraging the efficient use of resources and promoting accountability.
Cost Effectiveness
Quality Services
Value Employees
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